Mission, Vision & Values 


Emely loves to teach and pass on her expert knowledge to others and her mission with OceanSoul is to make her students feel life, by finding the things that really give  their life value.


OceanSoul's vision is to pass on a lifestyle based on presence and joy. OceanSoul wants to be the preferred provider of kitesurfing and yoga experiences based on their professionalism. OceanSoul wants to create a unique and professional framework for developing lifelong enjoyment by participating in kitesurfing and yoga. Here, both social relations and individualism are emphasized.


Ocean Soul's values cover i.a. over high education and unique passion, which creates the core of our professionalism - which is something we value most. We strive to meet our students exactly where they are and at eye level and respect that we are not alike and may need different approaches to things. At Ocean Soul, there is room for everyone regardless of experience and level.