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Emely Freja Petersen
Emely has been kitesurfing since 2022 and is 2x Danish champion in kitesurfing. Yoga has been a part of Emely's life since childhood. She has acquired the title of 200RYT yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance which is an internationally approved organization. In addition, she has an AP graduate in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Ocean Souls founder Emely Freja attended her first yoga class before she was born. It was with her mother for pregnant yoga. Her mother continued throughout her childhood to practice yoga and she always found it exciting and fun. In time, her mother decided to live out her dream as a yoga teacher and Emely immediately became a regular participant on her team. In the early 20s, she was seriously overthrown by the forces of yoga. She began a daily yoga practice, not only physical postures but also pranayama breathing exercises as well as other branches within yoga. In 2015, she completed the Yoga Alliance's international yoga teacher training in 200 hours, thereby obtaining the title of 200RYT. Yoga continues to show Emely new paths and ways she can be the best version of herself. Since 2014, she has traveled the world to experience new cultures, beautiful nature and find new and different inspiration for her yoga lifestyle. With a previously broken back and broken cruciate ligament, she knows the physical obstacles the physical body can have and she strives to make each position individual and adapted to the exact body in which it is to be performed.

Emely is a former competitive swimmer and triathlete and when she saw a kitesurfer for the first time in 2011 she knew right away that she had found her passion. She took every opportunity to get on the water both to enjoy the freedom of nature but also to improve her abilities. Emely competes and has won national championships in both Denmark and abroad in the disciplines freestyle, slalom and waves. She has several international kitesurfing instructor educations behind her and extensive teaching experience for both beginners and experienced. Since 2014, Emely has been chasing the wind around the world and has thereby also acquired a great deal of knowledge about foreign destinations as well as different weather and wind conditions. Emely is 2x Denmark's and 2x Turkish champion in kitesurfing.